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Community Info Hub


Info Hub: You're looking at it right now.

Sim News: Out of Character news about the game and its development.

Factions: These pages list information about all the various factions in the galaxy. Information such as a group's web address, contact information, and a brief summary of what they do.

Message Center: Quite possibly the largest communications area in the Combine. Everything is discussed here. Rules, the Combine economy, Star Wars Lego, OOC World Politics have all been seen at one time or another.

Question Center: The Combine's Helpdesk. For any kind of Combine-related problem, post here.

RPG Center: Like the Message Center, this is a large communications area. Its purpose is slightly different, in that it is primarily for IC usage. If you have a ship you wish to sell, you can do it here. If you are participating in a RPG, it's likely taking place here.

LucasArts Latest: The latest headlines from LucasArts.com


About: An overview of the game with links to further information about it.

Join: What are you waiting for? Go on, join up!

Timeline: What is the history of the Combine? What is it based on? Check out this page for the timeline the Combine takes place!

Features: This page contains information about the game that makes it unique from anything else you may see on the web.

Academic: This page lists all projects created for the Combine in collaboration with Universities or other academic Purposes.

Support Us: The Support page explains to you, the visitor or average player, how you can help the Combine in its development.

Disclaimer: The legal language that protects the Combine and states certain rules that all members must follow.


Holocron: The official wiki of the Combine.

Comic: See humourous graphics of life and the Combine.

Deathmatch: Inherent when a group of people gets together is the fact that rivalries develop. Come to the Deathmatch to have your problems settled.

International: Since the Star Wars Combine has a broad international theme and not everybody is comfortable speaking English, we have created a list to help players find others with whom they can speak in their own language.

Chat: Speak with people in real-time using the Combine's IRC Chatroom and information on our IRC rooms and rules.


SWC Banners: If you have a website and wish to display a banner, mini-banner or poster advertising the Combine on your site, this is the place to find one.


Conventions: The Combine is being represented all over the world. Come take a look at the pictures and presentations that have been given in an effort to advance the Combine.

Central Store: Thanks to the help of outside vendors, you can purchase Star Wars RPG materials, posters and a variety of clothing with the Combine logo.