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Technical Info Hub


Info Hub: You're looking at it right now.

Support Us: The Support page explains to you, the visitor or average player, how you can help the Combine in its development.

Disclaimer: The legal language that protects the Combine and states certain rules that all members must follow.

Firefox Extension: Firefox Extensions created by Combine members.

Current Projects: A listing of projects, past, present and planned for the future.

How To

Guide to the Combine: Our comprehensive guide to the Combine. Includes FAQs, reference sheets, and many mini-guides devoted to specific subjects.

First Week Guide: A guide for new players experiencing their first week in the Combine.

How to Join: This page begins your journey into the Combine. It contains the Combine's disclaimer, and the typical Agree/Disagree selection.

FAQ: Everyone, at one point or another, was a newbie and filled with questions. The FAQs are those questions that veterans end up having to answer the most.

Features: This page contains information about the game that makes it unique from anything else you may see on the web.

Join: What are you waiting for? Go on, join up!

In Character

Factions: These pages list information about all the various factions in the galaxy. Information such as a group's web address, contact information, and a brief summary of what they do.

Galaxy Map: The galaxy is a massive place, with over 2000 known planets and many others hidden. Even space jockeys need a road map for something that big.

Races: There are many different species in the galaxy ... here you can see an overview of the ones you can choose for you, or your NPCs.

City Designer: A tool for planning all aspects of the city construction and planning process and seeing what the finished product would look like.

Nav Comp: Lets you plan out hyperspace journeys when you're not in the cockpit.


Come here to get all the information you need about the rules of the game, from the definition of the skills your character has to the weapons payload of the Gamma Assault Shuttle, this is where it is all stored.

Credits & Thanks: A list of just some of the people who have helped us or donated some of their work to us.

Technical Support

Problem Centre: The Problem Centre is a message board, like the Message Centre and the RPG Centre. If you're having troubles with the website, someone should be able to help you here.